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KFR-35GW 35561 FNAa-3

Public network copyright and disclaimer 1, public network all content's copyright belongs to the author or the copyright page statement.Dazhong net without written permission,christian louboutin shoes, any other individual or organization will not be any form of Dazhong net resources reprint, copy, edit or publish on the use of any other occasions; not to make any form of information disseminated to the other party, not the information in the server or other document mirror image duplication or save; not modify or use any of the Dazhong net resources.
If intends to reprint the home station information, must obtain the populace net written authorization.In 2, Ben Wang has been authorized to use work, should use in the scope of authority,Christian Louboutin Ireland, and indicate the source: ? &rdquo public network;.
Violates the above enunciator, this net will investigate its related legal liability.3,christian louboutin uk, every this net indication ? source: XXX (all &rdquo network); works,christian louboutin, reprints from other media, reprinted designed to transmit more information, does not represent this net agree with their views and be responsible for their authenticity.
This net reprint other media articles, intended for the public to provide free services.As the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want the network release,Pompes Christian Louboutin, can contact with this net, the network can immediately be removed.
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Hisense Group Vice President Liu Hao visits back communicative n

On May 10th, vice president of Hisense Group, Hisense real estate Chairman Mr. Liu Hao ended last month across Europe and the United States Japan study tour.During the interview,Pompes Christian Louboutin, we know that, Mr Liu Hao's trip is designed primarily for Hisense Group new research center planning and construction to inspect communication.
In Japan, Liu Hao visited the Hitachi, sharp and so on the company's research and development center, the management mode, examination mode and office environment, office facilities were studied.In the United States, the Liu Hao line was Google, apple and other global high-tech enterprises as well as Harvard University,Christian Louboutin Homme, MIT University, Stanford University and other world-renowned university kindness; and in-depth study of the famous University of Building Research Institute, both on the construction of technical innovation, environmental planning are discussed.
The exchange of learning.In the interview, Liu Hao said,Christian Louboutin Ireland, Hisense Group is in the innovation and the critical period of development, as China's consumer electronics leader, Hisense although in technical innovation construction after years of sustained investment many promotion, also made some achievements, but compared with international tycoon is still a huge gap, deeply technical innovation the pressure of competition, R & D center and expand the already imminent new.
R & D center construction as the leading Hisense technology innovation to build,christian louboutin, will provide the Hisense Group for the development of new engine, for the construction of hundreds of years of Hisense infuse new power source.
It is reported, Hisense R & D center will be built in the new Qingdao Laoshan District Science and Technology Parks Powerise Valley range (coastal road to the west of the waterway to the north, day), plans to cover an area of 500 mu, plans a total investment of 2500000000 yuan, a phase of the project is expected to completed in 2013 using.
After the completion of the project construction, will become an accommodating 5000 R & D personnel of scientific research, product development and transformation, testing, academic exchanges,louboutin pas cher, international first-class R & D center, Hisense Group sustainable development everfount technology and products, become Hisense henceforth ten years required for the development of new industry incubation base, at the same time Qingdao will become the blue Silicon Valley construction and development is an important force.
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Media exposure to rival Huanshuai time Brazil coach is Lippi spa

Lippi coming rival?This became the Super League a suspense drama.Italy media has claimed that Lippi will come to China soon, but Lippi always denied.Lippi spoke in coaching issues, Hengda is veiled.Media reports today, Hengda indeed approached Lippi, but the real need a Huanshuai time.
The media also said,christian louboutin uk, if Lippi can't come to China, then another Brazil native coach will pick up the rival helm.The Lippi Identity Manager, whether to choose to Chinese teaching, but also need to consider carefully.
Although rival initially provides contract very tempting, but Lippi himself did not,Christian Louboutin Ireland, but do not know why, Lippi began to change one's mind about.This, also obtained the rival departments officially confirmed.
So, since Lippi has been relaxed tone, then why not the first time and the other rival signing?This is mainly considering the stability of the team.After all, it is the superior and the AFC Champions League to intense, midway Huanshuai will bring concussion.
Although Lippi is famous, also cannot ensure the team can smooth response and AFC Champions League two match in line.On the other hand, either the superior or AFC Champions League, Hengda scores can be considered.
This case scenario, it is hard to explain to Li Zhangzhu, both sides will erupt contradiction, and this is precisely the rival most does not want to see.Because of this, Hengda but in whether or not to sign Lippi's problem, become cautious.
Now, this time may well be the AFC Champions League group after the end of the game.Last, Hengda away Buri ram wing, if not the team, Li Zhangzhu is likely to be dismissed, after all, is a very important rival AFC Champions League tournament.
Believe in the previous contract, also for AFC Champions League group put forward rigid requirements.If the target finish, Li Zhangzhu school, nature will not give any outside handle.Because of these reasons, and rival Lippi sides forming a stalemate,Louboutin Ireland, such as AFC Champions League final group game after the end of Jie Bing.
In the move problem,louboutin pas cher, Hengda is a hand ready.The media know the time of day from sources as saying, if the real need Huanshuai time, Lippi once again changed,christian louboutin pas cher, then the rival will introduce some Brazil's world famous.
According to speculation, the Brazil native coach to be Scolari, last year, regard have opened the price of 10000000 euros, invited Scolari to teach.As for the rival Huanshuai this drama will come out, all spectators must wait patiently.
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Artists want to crash free boundary -- Interview French winner o

Lambda> be is D D / - ?Album 2012-04-27 15: 20:594 21 5 1 2011 -? Sigma schedule constitute 1960 (PrixNadar)? 1955 ? be???? 14 J? Figure which? Advanced (max) is is Fei (max) Sigma? (max) Zeta ,louboutin pas cher
Sigma?,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,,, y 20 (max) y be; ; ( max ) list list 17?O advanced ?Schedule constitute y u ? o o sigma profile album it Alternative Title Z Yang chime advanced Z Humorous (K odakChrom e humorous)
humorous up Delta Quan Delta Be chime in ? ??????? ???1Yan Delta Yan K K Yan kappa gamma K J Fen Yan K Yan 2wideYan against the 3 XXXYan Ren ?Lambda 430schedule constitute ,christian louboutin shoes,
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Chinese embassy is urging Sultan to rescue the missing and kidnapped Chinese personnel - chasing dre

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Chinese embassy is urging Sultan to rescue the missing and kidna Khartoum January 30 report (reporter Shao Jie) Chinese ambassador to Sultan Luo Xiaoguang 30, urged Sultan to find in Sultan a few days ago was missing and rebels hijacked Chinese personnel's whereabouts and conduct rescue.
A few days ago in Sultan South Kordofan state was a rebel attack in Hydropower Group Company highway project site 17 Chinese workers on the evening of 30 charter flights arrive in Khartoum.In case of attack, the 17 employees due to the timely to hide near the site without being rebels found.
They in 29 were Sultan's army to find and be temporarily relocated to a safe location, 30 days and are transported to the North Kordofan state capital of El Obeid later charter flights arrive in Khartoum.
Arrived on the same plane also comes from Hydropower Group highway project to another site 17 employees.Luo Xiaoguang and the government of Sultan and the army's senior officials at the airport to greet the 34 Chinese workers.
Luo Xiaoguang said to reporters at the airport, the Sultan rebels attacked China local company in highway project site events, is regrettable incidents.China is grateful for the government of Sultan after the event to rescue Chinese personnel,christian louboutin pas cher, there are one's whereabouts is a mystery.
Chinese personnel, and some workers were rebels hijacked,Christian Louboutin Homme, hope that the Sultan government will continue to make the utmost effort,christian louboutin uk, as soon as possible so that these missing and kidnapped Chinese workers come back safely.
China Hydropower Group Company in Sultan South Kordofan state a highway project site 28 days by the rebels "Sultan people's Liberation Movement" (the northern Bureau) attacks,louboutin pas cher, the site had a total of 47 Chinese workers, in which 29 workers were rebels hijacked,louboutin pas cher, another Chinese staff missing.
At present, the Chinese Embassy in Sultan and China and other relevant departments are actively communicate with Sultan, efforts to save the kidnapped Chinese workers, the search for the missing Chinese workers.
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